Horion IFPD tremendously improves the way how people have meetings, especially when people work from home and hardly travel for business because of COVID.

People prepare and attend meetings in totally different way using Horion IFPD. Easy screen sharing including Airplay / Miracast / Dangle, intuitive writing to annotate, barcode scanning to save minutes, all those features of Horion IFPD makes every meeting simple. Dock in for meeting with everything ready, dock out with everything on hand while Horion IFPDs stays in meeting rooms.


Relevant cases


Japanese Tenji Information System Co., Ltd.

The Japanese famous IT companies use Horion whiteboard writing, can freely use office software to make document annotation and intelligent pen flying mouse control to make a PPT speech, meeting minutes can be printed or scan the QR code to share.


Thai Mercedes-Benz Automotive Group

Horion IFP has become the right-hand man of Mercedes-Benz company in the daily office, anyone can freely show and express, communication without limit.The design team especially likes the split screen display and voting device function, which will more help designers to brainstorm and select car design schemes.


Audio & Video Company in Bahrain

Horion whiteboard replaces the traditional projector and whiteboard, to solve the disadvantages of the projector displaying fuzzy, meeting minutes can not be saved.