Horion and InfoComm Asia 2023 Jointly Showcase Full-scene Intelligent Solutions

Horion et InfoComm Asia 2023 présentent conjointement des solutions intelligentes complètes

InfoComm Asia 2023 se tiendra du 24 au 26 mai au Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC) à Bangkok, en Thaïlande. Horion will bring its latest intelligent solutions to this world’s largest professional audiovisual exhibition.

About The Show

Behind every highly anticipated exhibition, there is a long history of operation and abundant market resources. The event, which is divided into three major market regions – Southeast Asia, China, and India – is hosted by InfoCommAsia Pte Ltd, the largest professional audiovisual exhibition and trading organization since 1939, and the Asian branch of InfoComm International, the US International Information Exchange Industry Association. The association has over 5,000 enterprise and individual members from 80 different countries now, and the world’s leading display brand manufacturers are active in every exhibition held annually.

The full launch of the exhibition every year will start from the exhibition held in Bangkok, Thailand. It’s worth noting that this exhibition, formerly known as InfoComm Southeast Asia, has been officially renamed InfoComm Asia, indicating that it will play a more important role in the global market in the future and receive more platform resources.


This exhibition brings together technology suppliers, product manufacturers, and solution providers from multiple industries, including government affairs, healthcare, education, audiovisual, IT, retail, health, and media entertainment. More than 100 vendors in the audiovisual technology field have confirmed their participation in the exhibition, offering over 700 technical solutions, and over 2,100 companies have already made appointments to visit.

As a pioneer in smart collaboration technology, Horion, which is related to Smart Collaboration directly, will be showcasing a series of products and intelligent solutions for the first time in the international market at booth K08 in Hall 3 of the exhibition, which is focused on audiovisual technology related products and technical solutions.


Meeting Collaboration

In the global post-pandemic resumption environment, market competition is increasingly fierce. Companies and employees from all sectors need to improve collaboration and productivity urgently. Horion has been focusing on smart collaboration in meeting experiences for many years, including workspace from various industries for all scenarios.


At this exhibition, visitors can experience Horion’s new smart solutions for the first time, which is centered around the M6TA conference IFP from the M series. Whether its smooth control based on overall performance or the convenience of application design, it highly maximizes meeting collaboration efficiency.

With modularized design, the dual system M6TA is highly compatible with different operating environments. Based on the Android 12 system, 8G RAM and 128G ROM, it is equipped with the strongest RK3588 chip, with 6T AI computing power and 8-core processor. The Win10 system, it is equipped with the Intel Core i5 10400 chip and a memory of up to 16G RAM and 256G ROM. Horion relies on such a powerful system design to achieve a silky smooth control experience in meeting presentations as the foundation of the “seamless collaboration” solution.

Beyond the demand for remote meeting collaboration, Horion focuses more on optimizing the audio and visual experience to ensure ideas can be conveyed accurately in real-time. Through its 48M pixels, 3D noise reduction and 102° ultra-wide viewing angle camera, video conferences are as clear as being on-site. Meanwhile, with the combination of the top implicit design of 8-array microphones, AI sound source positioning function and Auto-Framing function, even the speaker in the farthest corner can be heard clearly, and be showed in the center of screen.


Educational Solution

Horion also presents the smart classroom solution on the international market – K series. The K6A, as the core, can solve the problem of low efficiency and sub-healthy environments in traditional classrooms and achieve the popularization of dust-free classrooms, ultimately improving the quality and effectiveness of knowledge communication and learning interaction in education.


Based on the dual system design, high compatibility is also reflected in the solution design that is highly adaptable to different sizes of classroom space. The standard configuration of the K series includes screens of different sizes, such as 65, 75, and 86 inches, with a dual 15W amplifier system, ensuring clear knowledge transmission in any teaching space. Other details also include the D-LED backlight design and 178° viewing angle, making the content presented in the class clearly even to scholars in the corner.

In the UHD ultra-high-definition screen display of the K6A, DC direct drive dimming is achieved, and intelligent eye protection mode is provided to protect learners. With zero fit technology, multi-person writing function is stand out, supporting up to 20 touch points at the same time, maximizing learning interaction in class.


Other Solutions

For other large-scale conference collaborative space, Horion has proposed 135″ LED product, which can be an all-in-one machine or a splicing screen for highly customized solutions according to actual needs.


After the baptism of the global pandemic, light office scenes have become more popular. Horion proposes solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and personal business with the P-series light conference machine, promoting the innovation of business models.



Feedback From Users

Currently, Horion has collaborated with many political and enterprise organizations in various professional fields, such as smart meetings, smart governance, smart classroom and smart medical. Through practice in different regional environments according to the actual needs of different scenarios, Horion has continuously optimized IFP Solutions and iterated updated core products.

For example, in the field of smart meetings, Mercedes-Benz Thailand used the IFP Solution based on M-series. After upgrading by Horion customized system, it achieved overall space coverage for audio-visual interaction. Compared with traditional meeting systems, the collaboration efficiency of the meeting was significantly improved, and the decision-making efficiency was also enhanced greatly.



In the field of smart governance, Horion has partnered with Indonesian customs. According to actual needs, through product customization, Horion IFP is applied to working scenarios such as supervision and statistics. According to feedback from relevant staff after using Horion’s product solution for a period of time, they can use it proficiently in daily work. Even when facing the challenge of customs clearance during the peak period of imports, the overall collaboration efficiency and confidence of the department have been significantly improved.


In summary, with the close contacts between Horion and various regions of Southeast Asia in recent years, more and more enterprise teams have realized that Horion is not just doing business, especially in the highly customized service of overall solutions, we are actually solving the difficult challenges they faced.

It is this gradually enhanced trust that Horion achieves nearly 100% annual growth rate in the business.