Governments has more restrictions on privacy and stability. Horion IFPD satisfies lots of government departments.

Horion IFPD deploys Amazon server for whiteboard cloud service in overseas market. Customs department in Indonesia & municipal government in Spain both introduce Horion IFPD with trust.


Relevant cases


City Hall, Madrid, Spain

The City Hall in Madrid, Spain, uses the whiteboard as an important tool for smart government office.Horion whiteboard can be customized development according to customer needs, to assist the staff to save office time and improve efficiency.


The Longhua District Public Security Bureau, Shenzhen, China

The Public Security Bureau has strict requirements on the display clarity of the videowall and the 24-hour sustainable use time of the product.Horion videowall meets the ultra-high requirements of the client, and plays an important role in helping to maintain social order.


Indonesian Customs Office

Indonesian customs uses remote video conference to communicate with customs department colleagues in different cities to share the latest customs trends, which reduces the problems that can only be solved by face-to-face communication on frequent business trips.