With the popularization of touch screen in smartphone & tablet, teachers and students loves touch gesture and writing which are more intuitive and interesting. Horion IFPD bring the fantastic experience to school by leveraging all up-to-date interactive functions.

Horion whiteboard integrated in our IFPD provides abundant features to empower teaching and interactions in class.
Writing smoothly in Horion whiteboard app upgrade the way of participation and make teaching alive, teacher now can annotate and modify the presentation(course material etc.) instantly, students can write simultaneously in class to compete and interact about what they have learn by using split-view function of Horion whiteboard app.
Datas from Web and shapes can be easily inserted in Horion whiteboard so that teachers can leverage the internet while writing and teaching. Similar features all are available in Horion IFPD for you to explore!


Relevant cases


Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

Professor of Nanyang Technological University teach with Horion whiteboard. They can turn on the wireless screen projection and four-split screen function at any time to interact with students.


Nepal school

The Nepalese government vigorously promotes smart teaching. Horion whiteboard brings much fun to the students with its rich whiteboard functions which includes marking with different color ,inserting pictures, videos, graphics, searching by Google.


Environment Colleague of Tsinghua University

As the most famous university in China, Tsinghua University has super high standards for the choice of office equipment. The good performance of Horion products has won the praise and trust of Tsinghua University users.